If you have a popular Facebook page with many loyal followers, it may be time to look into capitalizing on your precious investment. Maintaining a popular social media page takes a lot of time and effort, after all, and you deserve to make money for your sacrifice.

To monetize your Facebook page, the main strategy is to sell space. Space in social media is different from physical space, like if you were selling billboard space for an advertisement. Instead, you give companies or content space within your posted content, so that the people following your posts will also see the paid information.

Getting paid depends on the cost-per-click (CPC) you worked out with the advertiser. The stipulations of payment will also be worked out with your advertiser, like whether you receive payment if they buy something or if they just visit the site. So, who are these advertisers willing to pay for space on your wall?


Amazon sells just about everything, to just about everyone. If you can’t find a way to use Amazon’s first rate affiliation program to your page’s advantage, you aren’t trying hard enough!

How it works: With Amazon’s program, you’re in control of both the content and frequency of links. Link any Amazon product detail page to your Facebook page and immediately start earning commissions based off what kind of product it is. For instance, if you commonly post about electric skateboards and link it here at The Electric Rider, you could earn some cash if sales is made from the link. If you excel at marketing and know your audience, the Amazon affiliation program could earn you quite a bit of cash. They are well respected in the industry and offer fair rates.

It’s easy to get started It may seem surprisingly easy to start monetizing your popular Facebook page, but in reality, you have a valuable piece of digital real estate that deserves to be capitalized upon. The hard work you put into quality content and maintaining a relationship with your followers should be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment AND cash.

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